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This is a collection of links to various online resources. If you notice a broken link please let us know.
The following links are posted in no particular order, enjoy!

The school I graduated from:
The Culinary Institute of America

This is the most comprehensive produce site I've found. One can search by month (availability) and nutrition facts are included! Excellent for advance menu planning.:

This is a very cool site in a historical timeline format for various foods and beverages with links to oodles of information:
The Food Timeline

A site for kids (but great for adults) all about fruits and vegetables:

Mr. Boston Move Over! Mixology and More at:

A good recipe site with a bunch of recipes (duh!):
Arielle's Recipe Archives

This site features some cool menu planning features:

Nice Site for Fresh Recipes and Chefs:

Facts About Sugar:
Click Here

Beefy Politics et al:

A Wonderful Site! All about Produce (sadly doesn't have a picture of every single item listed but has excellent information):
Produce Oasis

A Very Nice Resource for Many Things of the Sea:

FDA Seafood Site:
Click Here

The National Pork Producers Council:
Click Here

Find Information Galore at:
The Food Thesaurus

Restaurants & Institutions Trade Rag:
Click Here

From the United Kingdom - Flour Power:
All About Flour

From Washington State - Spuds Galore!:

If there are sites you think should be added please:
Suggest A Site
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Online Guide to Daily Food Choices:
The Food Guide Pyramid

This site was started years ago at Berkeley:
Recipe Source

"World's Highest Quality Chef Jackets" �:
Crooked Brook

Lists cooking schools and culinary arts programs throughout the U.S. as well as food service industry news and resources.

Self described as "Your portal to the hospitality world":
Click to visit Culinary Cult
Culinary Cult

Good ethnic cuisine information at:
Sally's Place

This site offers all kinds of legal info for the hospitality industry:
Online Hospitality Lawyer

The Food Reference Website is both a reference and a casual browsing site. You will find long articles on food history and usage and short food facts and trivia items. :
Food Reference Website

This is The Wisconsin Beef Council website:

A Useful Offering from Culinary Cafe:
Ingredient Glossary

This site seems to be a vehicle for "Americanized" cuisine, but still has its merits:

For Food Safety and Sanitation Links:
Click Here

The Fish and Seafood Trade Association:
National Fisheries Institute

Find out About Cajun Culture Here:
Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture

The American Lamb Council:

Meat Identification from The University of Nebraska - dry but quite informative:
Beef, Pork, Lamb

Pasta Lovers and Pasta Info:

Spices and Herbs and Blends, Oh My!:
Check it Out!

Do you know your Raclette from Morbier?:

Click Here To Find Out More


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