Echo in the Kitchen

When I started my current job as Food Service Director the first piece of new equipment I brought in was Amazon’s Echo Dot. What? Not a new knife, or food processor, or stock pot you say? Let me explain.

Chef David Smiley Problems

Cooking Times. Ordering. Measurement Conversions. Accurate Inventory. Task Management. And More…

Chef David Smiley Solution

An Amazon Echo Device

Chef David Smiley Implementation

Installing an Echo Device in a professional or home kitchen has many hands-free benefits including:

  • Setting one or more timers on cooking products. “Alexa set a cookie timer for 12 minutes. Alexa set a pot roast timer for 60 minutes. Alexa add 15 minutes to pot roast timer. Alexa cancel timer.”
  • Adding items to a shopping list as the need is perceived – even with dirty hands! “Alexa add eggs. Alexa add ground beef. Alexa add juice boxes.” And then pulling up the shopping list on your phone in the store. A list that is also automatically populated at the end with many common household items to serve as reminders in the store rather than getting home and thinking “I forgot the bread!”
  • Measurement conversions. “Alexa how many tablespoons in a quarter cup?”
  • I use it for accurate inventory percentages. Q: “Alexa what is 122 (bags of potato chips) divided by 200 (case amount)?” A: “122 divided by 200 is 0.61 (% of a case)”
  • Alexa has a default “To-Do” list that you can add tasks to as you think of them without having to write them down. And you can create as many custom lists as you’d like such as “Birthday Party” or “Sack Lunches” or “Cleaning” that you can then pull up in the Alexa app when and where you need them either visually or audibly!
  • With an Echo Show device you can follow visual recipe videos or blogs, or vlogs as you prepare new dishes.
  • And, you can have the device play music or announce that dinner is ready across all your other household echo devices.

If you have questions please reply to this post below and Chef David will reply so others can learn too. Or, contact Chef David.

Chef David Smiley Gadgets

Here are three types of Echo devices you can get on Amazon if you’re ready to “Alexify” your kitchen.

 – Bon Appetit from Chef David !  Chef David Smiley

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